Nick Skolsky Generated Over $50,000 In Cash And Awards In His
First Thirty Days In This Business...
Now He Is Getting Serious!

Nick with Bentley


"People really don't care what kind of car you drive, they care how many people you've helped navigate the highways of life, avoiding those financial dead ends and getting them traveling onto the boulevard of success!" The value proposition we offer, is based on a wonderful journey. Join with us and let's travel it together!....with an abundance of health, wealth and happiness along the way! Plus, working with us you'll be able to do this all on a risk free basis!

Whether you want to make an extra $10,000 a year or $10,000 a month and more!... Having our systems, leads, training, and ME as your marketing partner will get you to your goals quicker, more conveniently, plus with a lot more fun and profit along the way. I look forward to speaking with you personally!


To a cheering crowd of thousands with enthusiasm buzzing, Helen and Nick Skolsky were joined on stage by a dozen other "top achievers" to received the beautiful Company watch award.  This is an annual presentation, however; Nick and Helen were able to accomplish the goal in less than 60 days - plus received a gold Rolex in recognition for their #1 status!



The Annual Convention got jumpstarted by recognizing a dozen "super achievers" who proudly showed off the results of their hard work. Helen and Nick Skolsky won not only a pair of the elegant stainless steel models - but are the only gold presidential Rolex winners in the history of the Company!



Helen and Nick Skolsky are shown receiving the $22,000 gold Rolex, and are the first gold Rolex award winners in the history of the Company.

The first ever Presidential weekend winners took the stage last night to the thunderous applause of Company Leaders throughout all 50 states plus 7 other countries! Helen and Nick Skolsky of South Carolina received the gold rolex award among the many other rewards during the 72 hours of pure excitement!

One of the other perks of the Presidential weekend was for Helen and Nick to stay completely free for 4 days and 3 nights in the Omni Presidential Suite, normally carrying a $2500 a night pricetag! Additionaly they were treated to VIP seating for the entire convention at the Presidential table. A very Special Champagne Reception was held in their honor, for all of their Team members and all of the top Company officials were in attendance as well. The glorious evening was enjoyed by everyone into the early morning hours when Nick and Helen boarded their hot air balloon for a tour of the central Florida countryside.

"All of these prizes and awards including this watch are an example of how great this Company is! "Nick says. "What made the occasion truely unique was that Helen was expecting me to be presented with another presidential Rolex, and the company officials had arranged (unknown to Helen), to substitute that watch for the ladies gold yachtmaster. She was totally surprised! "Helen's enthusiasm was contagious-"This event is beyond exciting for everyone that's here!"


Although the contest ran from April 1st through June 10th, Nick and Helen were far and away the leaders even though they actually started with the company on May 15th. "The champagne reception held in the presidential suite was first class,what was equally impressive was that over 50 of our newest Team members traveled to Orlando to be a part of this event even, though they had been with the company for less than 30 days as well!" "I believe that Nick and Helen will go on to be responsible for recruiting more successful people into this company than anyone that has ever preceded them!" stated Gold Executive Ken Turnbow who has been with the Company from day one and is the Senior most IBO with the company.

The overflow crowd of team members echoed Nick's preachings of "you can get what you helping others get what they want first!" Jim and Wendy Bass, the Skolsky's first contacts and teammembers, probably summarized the feelings of the entire room the best "Nick and Helen convinced us early on that who you are in business with, is as important as the business itself. Right from the start we knew that Nick and Helen were the people to go into business with - and so does everyone else in this room!"

R & R Winners

R&R Winners Finish Strong!

The Race 2 R&R Contest created a wave of retail sales and new IBOs in the Company. Staged over 90 days, the contest challenged the most ambitious IBOs to expose their business to potential customers and leaders alike.

After sprinting to an early lead, Gold Executives Nick and Helen Skolsky of South Carolina earned the most points for retail sales and recruitment to take the top prize, For the Skolskys, this success is just a starting point.

"We know that if we can change someone's life financially," Helen says, "we can definitely impact their life physically, mentally and spirtually as well.  It also was amazing how much product we sold over the Internet, and the number of product purchasers who eventually became Team Members!" 

"What you feel and what you do make the difference in this business," Nick agrees. "Our short association with the Company has been a fantastic adventure of learning, earning, growing and going!  We thank the good Lord everyday for making life a great adventure.  We can't wait to see what tomorrow may bring!

During that "short association" Nick and Helen have combined to win every major contest Nick & Helen Skolskythat the Company has sponsored including the Company Watch Award, the gold Presidential Rolex Watch Award, the lions share of a $25,000 Success Bonus Pool and a 5 day vacation in a $2500 a night suite in Florida.  Now they've won the Grand Prize in the R & R contest in which Nick and Helen have elected to have an all expense paid 10 day vacation at the Sandals Resort of their choice including airfare and rewards bonus cash. 
"We recognize the leaders who build their business everyday." says founder and CEO Mark McCool. "Nick and Helen and other top performers on the race to R & R contest are on their way to a strong performance for the balance of the year."

Interestingly enough, five of the top six Award Winners were all in the Nick Skolsky Organization.  They included....Jonathan Trapman and Virve Viigand of the UK, Merle and Howard Rowe in Canada, Sara Ashwell in the UK, and Karen Williamson in Spain.

R & R Winners
Nick & Helen Skolsky
1st Prize
Land or Sea Luxury Vacation Including airfare and cash
Helen and Nick Skolsky
United States
2nd Prize
Luxury Four Seasons Sarasota Weekend
Jonathan Trapman and Virve Viigand

3rd Prize
Luxury Package - golf, fishing, spa treatments, dinner
Merle and Howard Rowe Directors
4th Prize
Luxury Package - golf, fishing, spa treatments, dinner
Wendy Chow
5th Prize
Luxury Package - golf, fishing, spa treatments, dinner
Sarah Ashwell
United Kingdom
6th Prize
Specialty consumer electronics package
Karen Williamson

The First Founding Executives

    Helen & Nick Skolsky Earn Life Long Honor

Helen and Nick

A week ago, Gold Executives Nick and Helen Skolsky of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina joined a chorus of top leaders to praise the new Founding Executive program. This week, they became the First IBOs to earn the honor of Founding Executive.

“There’s such a buzz about the new things that are coming with this company,” Nick says. “I don’t know everything that’s coming, but I do have 100-percent trust in our Founder and CEO Mark McCool.

Nick was the first IBO to meet all the qualifications to earn the Founding Executive Title for Life.

"We know that if this company was a car, it would be a Bentley on 20-inch chromes. We consider ourselves to be good news merchants,” Nick explains - “All that any of us need is something in life to be excited about!. We wake up excited every morning, and then we go and share that excitement throughout the day. People respond to that!”

Nick and Helen are no strangers to recognition! After signing up in May of 2008, they sponsored over 50 people at the Partnership Level in their first two weeks! They then proceeded to work with their team to enroll over 200 team members, becoming the First Presidental Weekend Winners in the process. They’ve won a $22,000 Yacht Master watch, an all expense paid week including a $2500 a night Presidential Suite, a 10-day Sandals vacation, numerous cash prizes, and resort hotel accommodations as a result of their business-building efforts. They have won every major contest the company has ever sponsored. Nick and Helen are responsible for bringing more successful people into the company than anyone else. They have been ranked #1 for the past 14 consecutive months. Consistantly, over fifteen people of the top 25 in the world have been produced by their sponsoring, mentoring and training.

We train our team members to become a person worth meeting, with an idea worth sharing,” Nick says. “When you combine that with unbridled enthusiasm, you truly have one of the secrets for successful recruiting. One of the ways I express the potential of this business is called The River Story. This simple tool can engage everyone’s imagination to achieve more of what they want.”


You can hear The River Story for yourself here. Nick and Helen are planning to celebrate the achievement of being the First Founding Executives at the 2010 International Convention.

“Our hope is that by Convention many of the leaders in our group will be Founding Executives as well, currently our team has claimed 5 of the top 10 qualifying positions worldwide, ” Nick says. “Our next goal is to be the first leaders to earn the highest honor - a Five Star Founding Executive. No one in the history of the company has ever accomplished that goal. We can already imagine how special that will be!”


Team Members celebrate at the annual Convention held at the Hyatt in Sarasota, Florida. Helen and Nick Skolsky were honored and awarded the only 4 Star Executive Level. Nick and Helen also received both the "Top Enroller" and "Top Producer" Awards worldwide!

During his keynote address, Nick acknowedged the overall team accomplishments which included 3 of the Top 5 Income Earners - 2 of theTop 3 Rookie Associates YTD - plus more Top Recruiters in the Top 25 than any other Team. Additionally, Nick and Helen had more Founding Executive Members than any other Team in the Company.


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